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About this Website

WildflowerInformation.org is a resource for wildflower enthusiasts and gardeners. With a growing interest in the environment and natural gardening, our objective is to offer comprehensive information that is easy to use, and accessible for those from the casually interested to the expert.

Our staff and resource consultants include many highly experienced professionals in the world of wildflowers who have given generously of their time to make the site complete and accurate. Authors, photographers, naturalists and many gardeners have contributed to the information and images.

The website is a work in progress, and groups of additional species are being added periodically.

If you have feedback after visiting the site, please email us at feedback@wildflowerinformation.org.

About the antique botanical drawings on this site:

Wild Tulip
The exquisite botanical drawings of North American Wildflowers you see on this website are used with gracious permission of the National Agricultural Library. They are from the archive's extensive Curtis Botanical Collection.

William Curtis (1746-1799) was a trained pharmacist living in London, whose greater interest was the study of flora and insects. He maintained a large garden where he grew beautiful exotic plants. Obviously, this was the period in which all kinds of "new" plants were being imported into England from the American colonies, so many North American native wildflowers are included. Curtis began publishing the Curtis Botanical Magazine in 1787, and thrilled his subscribers with many "exotic" New World species never before seen. His principal artist for the drawings was Sydenham S. Edwards. The entire print collection of 164 volumes is housed today at the National Agricultural Library in Beltsville, Maryland.

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