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Rocky Mountain Pensternon
Penstemon strictus

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Rocky Mountain Pensternon,Penstemon strictus Picture
About Rocky Mountain Pensternon (Penstemon strictus)
Height: Up to 3 ft.
Flower Color: Bluish purple and white
Plant Type: Perennial. Returns each spring from same roots, forming expanding clump. Blooms second spring from seed.
Flower Type: Spike of lipped flowers
Bloom Time: Mid-season
Is this wildflower invasive? No
Is this wildflower endangered? No
Is this wildflower edible? No
Is this wildflower medicinal? No
What is Rocky Mountain Pensternon's native range?
  Indigenous To: Rocky Mtn. Region
Where Rocky Mountain Pensternon is naturalized or can be grown
  Regions: Rocky Mountain Native, but adaptable
  Zones: 3-6, any altitude
How to grow Rocky Mountain Pensternon (Penstemon strictus)
  Soil preference: Adaptable
  Sun/Shade: Needs full sun.
  Moisture Requirements: Average moisture, well-drained.

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Like most rocky mountain plants, this wildflower requires bright full sun, and a gritty, almost arid environment to do well. From seeding, it grows like a classic perennial. Plant spring summer or fall, and expect bloom after the plant has been through one winter.

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