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Digitalis purpurea

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Foxglove,Digitalis purpurea Picture

About Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
Height: Up to 6 ft.
Flower Color: Purple
Plant Type: Biennial. Has two-year life cycle. Grows only leaves first season from seed. Then in second season, blooms, seeds and dies with first frost.
Flower Type: Tall spike hung with tubular flowers
Bloom Time: Mid-season
Is this wildflower invasive? No
Is this wildflower endangered? No
Is this wildflower edible? No
Is this wildflower medicinal? Yes
History, legend and lore: acidic
What is Foxglove's native range?
  Indigenous To: Europe, naturalized in US Pacific Northwest
Where Foxglove is naturalized or can be grown
  Regions: ]
  Zones: 3-9
How to grow Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
  Soil preference: Prefers rich woodsy soil, but is adaptable
  Sun/Shade: Full sun to shade.
  Moisture Requirements: Average to Wet, but well-drained

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Keep in mind that this species is actually a woodland plant. That means it prefers rich acidic soils, plenty of moisture, and can tolerate shade. It can also do well in full sun, but actually prefers some shade. Under tree limbs or at a treeline is probably best; deep shade will not do. Seed for this large plant is one of the tiniest of all, so sow carefully, and do not cover; just compress into the soil. Also remember that this famous medicinal plant is somewhat poisonous. Should not be planted where small children play.

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