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Wild Perennial Lupine
Lupinus perennis

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Wild Perennial Lupine,Lupinus perennis Picture

About Wild Perennial Lupine (Lupinus perennis)
Height: Up to 4 ft.
Flower Color: Blue, sometimes a bit red
Plant Type: Perennial. Returns each spring from same roots, forming expanding clump. Blooms second spring from seed.
Flower Type: Spike of sweet-pea-like flowers
Bloom Time: Early and mid-season
Is this wildflower invasive? No
Is this wildflower endangered? No
Is this wildflower edible? No
Is this wildflower medicinal? No
What is Wild Perennial Lupine's native range?
  Indigenous To: Most of the US and Canada east of the Mississippi
Where Wild Perennial Lupine is naturalized or can be grown
  Regions: All regions of North America.
  Zones: 3-9
How to grow Wild Perennial Lupine (Lupinus perennis)
  Soil preference: Adaptable, but like all lupines, prefers loose, sandy soil.
  Sun/Shade: Needs full sun.
  Moisture Requirements: Average moisture, well-drained.

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Like all lupines, the seed of this one is large and hard. Many soak the seed before planting to soften the seed coat. Others recommend scratching the seed with sandpaper or a file to help the hard seed coat "break" after planting. Nobody does any of thi

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